Speak low if you speak love.

Day 1: Reykjavik to London

We were up early for London. Alarm went off at 3:45am! You think you are the only ones in the world until you get to the airport and it’s as busy as Bourke Street!
The flight was only 3 hours but hard to sleep and A LOT of turbulence.
It made for a very long day.

Finally, London Baby! 🇬🇧

We dragged our suitcases through the lovely streets of Little Venice to meet our host Adrian who would show us to the narrow boat we are spending the next 4 nights on.

He quickly went through the basics about the battery and how to flush the toilet and use the shower. We headed off to our first stop on the London mini break!

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre 

We saw a wonderful adaption of Much Ado About Nothing which had the Mexican revolution of 1910 as the backdrop. It was colourful and funny.  The villain was Juana, the sister of Don Pedro. The original play has Don John, the bastard brother as the villain. It made for an interesting political twist that the villain was a woman and could not inherit by virtue of her sex. It made her need for revenge rather justifiable.  Review here.

Unbeknownst to us it was also the final performance of the show and the last night for Creative Director Anne Rice so there were speeches and tears and flowers thrown on stage. We felt privileged to be there for such an important moment.

Dinner was at The George Inn

Dating from the 17th century this public house, leased to a private company, is London’s last remaining galleried inn.

– The galleries which front the building were once common on inns

– Many other surviving examples were lost during the Second World War

– The original George Inn was destroyed by fire in 1676

– Charles Dickens visited the site when it was a coffee house…

– …and it’s mentioned in Little Dorri

The food was typical pub food. I had a yummy lamb shank on mash and Josh has macaroni and cheese.

Back to our first night one the boat 🚣

The bed is really tiny so Josh was against the wall and I was in danger of falling out! Also we didn’t read the instructions and left the inverter on which made a hell of a noise every 15 minutes! It was a rough nights sleep after an exhausting day 😩

This meant we had no power when we woke up so had to run the boat engines for a few hours again. At least the water stayed hot in the tanks overnight. We know better now and we also plan to make up the sofa bed even though it means sleeping apart.

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