Food, glorious food!

Reykjavik food walk 

One way to see a city and experience its culture and cuisine is to do a walking food tour.  Reykjavik (Smokey Bay) has a great one!

We meet our tour guide at Harpa. The rest of the group was American and for most of us we were leaving today or tomorrow. A good way to end the trip.

These were our stops:

1. Icelandic bar

For traditional meat soup. Made with lamb and vegetables. It tasted a lot like lamb shank stew. 

I also tried the Icelandic spirit Brennivín, known as Black Death. It did not live up to its reputation (luckily!)
2. Oster Budin Delicatessen 

We sampled various cheeses and cured meats:

  • Gouda 
  • gullostur white mound cheese
  • Blue cheese ( I hate blue cheese but this was delicious and salty)
  • Cured lamb with fennel
  • Fillet of Horse with rosemary thyme and curry 
  • Smoked Goose with raspberry and champagne vinaigrette 

Along the way we stopped at interesting buildings or had quick history lessons. This is the recently closed prison! In the main shopin street. Iceland has a very low crime rate and only 300 police in the whole country. There has only been one time that a police officer shot someone and when it happened the country mourned.

3. Cafe Loki 

Delicious rye bread ice cream with rhubarb syrup.

There was a wonderful mural highlighting some of the stories of Loki. 

4. Skyr by pond

Traditional Icelandic cheese that has the consistency of yoghurt.

Another building: the Iceland Parliament 

5. Hot dog stand

6. Kopar 

We are here last time we were in Reykjavik.  At this stop we had rock crab soup with sour dough. Read and liquorice salted butter.

We walked past the really cool street art right next to our Airbnb. 

7. Apotek

Our last stop was an historical building to do with pharmaceutical products. We had dessert and coffee. The dark chocolate with raspberry rose was too rich for me to eat it all but the sorbet was divine!

We farewlled our tour guide and fellow foodies and hit the shops. I really wanted a sheepskin and Josh wanted beanies and an Icelandic football team jersey. We were both successful.

Horn of ale anyone?

The Phallological Museum

An interesting visit to a museum dedicated to penises. 

The penis of a sperm whale

The Icelandic handball team celebrated their win by casting their penises!

Braud & Co

Popular Bakery to grab cinnamon rolls for breakfast en route to the airport tomorrow.

Final Icelandic dinner at Kopar before the. If pack for our trip to London.

Mussels with fennel salad

Catch of the day

Icelandic lamb – feee range since the 9th century

Was a gorgeous meal to celebrate a wonderful trip around Iceland.

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