We have to go back

Today was all about LOST locations. What a dream come true and we saw so few! If you’re not a fan of the greatest TV show ever made (yes it surpasses GoT for me!) then feel free to scroll on, sleep, delete me or whatever but I’m about to go all fan girl in the next few posts.

Firstly, we did have a wedding brunch with the newly weds at Ala Moana Beach Park (which coincidentally is the location of Libby and Hurley’s picnic in season 6!)

So here’s the spot:

Then the most amazing thing happened. We HAD to drive past the Dole Plantation on our way to the LOST beach so we got to run in, buy some deliciousness and keep driving!

Seriously, it’s SO good!

Next stop, LOST Beach where season 1 was filmed. The original sight of the crashed plane before the Losties moved down the beach and set up camp. That was a fair hike on so we didn’t go the extra but it is a great regret! 

Some great parking from Patrick

Then a walk down this little path

And I’m there!

Our next stop was the Matsumoto Shave Ice queue. An Hawaiian tradition worth participating in.

Our next location was in Waimea Valley which is a national park. It was nearly closing time and they let us in taking us down to the waterfall by cart and letting us walk out.  Waimea Falls is the location for a number of scenes – Kate & Sawyer take a dip and find the briefcase; some of the Oceanic 6 land here on their return to the island.  

We were like little kids and not even warnings about leptospirosis were going to stop us swimming where Sawyer swam!

The valley is so lush and cool and has been used for many films, currently Jumanji 2.

Our last stop was Turtle Bay resort where the bamboo forest features in the show. We didn’t make it past the beach though. We enjoyed the sunset and headed back to Waikiki for dinner.

Dinner was a flash affair at Bills. A fav in Hawaii and hails from Sydney.

Daytime pic

A fantastic and overwhelming day. Faith and I have shared an online love of LOST so it was another way we cemented our long distance friendship. 

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