“A date which will live in infamy”.

December 7, 1941 – the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

I had been to the Pearl Harbor Memorial before but it was so good to go with my American friends.

“Dear Lord, lest I continue my complacent way, help me to remember somehow out there a man died for me today. As long as there be war, I must ask and answer, am I worth dying for?” Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought I should start with the post about Pearl Harbor, but today really bean when Faith, Patrick and I ate breakfast in a strange Harry Potter cafe in Kailua before hitting the beach and meeting a member of a cult in the surf.

The cashier
Socks to free your house elf

Kailua beach – we swam in the waves for ages.

Just minding our own business when an extremely handsome guy comes swimming up to us, chats a bit with Faith and I and then makes a bee line for Patrick. Obviously has a great gaydar.

He chatted for ages, sharing his story and how he came to be known as Skylar when the guru saved him. Not sure if he was hitting on Patrick or trying to recruit. Look for me on the Netflix show Holy Hell.

Sure enough we had a google and found an article and the doco! This article was extremely enlightening and gave us lots of laughs in our car ride back to Waikiki. 

This is Skylar (we Facebook stalked him)

We are terrible human beings.

After Pearl Harbor we found a beer cafe called Brew’d for a snack and some beers but best of all we found the church from the LOST finale and convinced a rogue nun to let us inside! It’s located at the Academy of the Sacred Heart school. We sure were appreciative. The nun certainly earned her brownie points.

Splicing it up for the fans

This was quite possibly one of the best times in my life. I have loved every moment of this holiday in Hawaii with Faith and meeting new friends as well. 

The last night and my last chance to try Poke from a supermarket. Why the hell not!

And smuggle home some delicious Gigantic IPAs.

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