The Constant

Sat 22 October 

LOST locations!

Going out to grab a coffee in my thongs with unkempt hair turned into a massive walk to Ala Wai Yacht Harbor where the iconic picture of Desmond & Penny was taken. And since I’d gone that far, I decided to walk 15 minutes more to the Hawaii  Convention Centre where Sydney Airport was filmed. I had the best time! Was quite a hike but worth it. 

Honolulu Pride

Desmond had Penny as his Constant – the thing that grounded him in time and kept them connected. I have Josh. It’s a beautiful thing when you love and are loved. To see the pride in the freedom to express that joy about those you love is what makes any Pride Parade🏳️‍🌈 hit you in the feels. I was overwhelmed by emotions and quite suddenly had tears in my eyes. We need to let people love who they love. Simple.

Waikiki Beach

I spent a lot of time just floating around today by myself and with the others once the wedding was done.

The other thing I did today was buymatching Hawaiian 🌺 shirts 👚 for Josh and Harry.

Dinner was Japanese and then we met the bride and groom for drinks. 

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