Preparing to get LOST in Hawaii

19 October 2016

I only just got over my jet lag and have found myself packing again. This time just for me and just for a week so the suitcase is a little bit lighter.

But my heart is heavier because I’m leaving those I love most in the world behind under difficult circumstances.

I will miss Josh taking charge of how to get somewhere and when to leave. I will miss the enthusiastic way he takes photos. I will miss him grabbing my hand when we are experiencing a gorgeous view. And I will miss the help with my suitcase as well. I know I’m capable of doing all this perfectly fine on my own but it was so nice to let someone take charge. 

I will miss the way Harry randomly kisses and hugs me. I’ll miss the way he worries about whether my back is sore and doesn’t like me being left by myself. I’ll miss the big smiles and hand guestures when we take a selfie together. Even if he was grumpy just before the photo he always grinned from ear to ear. 

So here I am at Sydney airport on my own. 

Soon I’ll be in Hawaii and reunited with Faith who I first met in October 2008 and haven’t seen since January 2009. This is going to be an epic reunion and I know I’m going to enjoy looking for all of the LOST locations; a shared love of ours alongside lawyering, feminism, Mia, Outlander, Scotland and Vikings but definitely not mooncups (yet).

Hawaii seemed like a good half way point for a catch up. And true to her nature, Faith has organized the shit out of this holiday! Thanks to Kristi we have a 4 tab spreadsheet!

Boarding now so see you in 10 hours!

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