We came for Mai Tais

19 October 2016

The flight to Honolulu was pretty uneventful, Apart from it being like time travel. Leaving Wednesday night and arriving Wednesday morning was a neat trick.

When I arrived The plan was to meet Patrick at the rental car place near get a lift with him to our hotel but he missed his flight from LA (must be something going around) and I wa a bit stuck. With no wifi I relied on text messages and hoped that I had Faith’s flight time correct and waited for her to get in. I hung around the baggage carousel assigned to her flight and crossed my fingers. Sure enough she arrived on time and we made our way to Waikiki and checked into the Aston Circle Hotel.

After showers we hit the Mai Tais at the Moana Westin. Such gorgeous views!

We spent the next few hours catching up and laughing. Randy and Joey arrived and joined the sunset drinks and I got to know them a bit as well.

Dinner was at ‘Duke’s’. Followed by another cocktail. I decided I’d had too many already and could not finish the last one.

A sudden down pour ended our evening amid the torches and the tikis on the sand. I was certainly glad to hit the pillow but woke quite a number of times. The first time I woke, a giagantic cockroach was crawling over the other bed. I thought I dreamed it until I found it cowering in the corner of the shower recess AFTER I’d had my shower the next morning.

After googling ‘Hawaii bugs’ it turns out they are pretty common and like to nibble your eyebrows when you sleep 😱



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