A jewel in the desert 

13 October 2016

The Unexpected Day in Doha

Th 6 hour flight from London to Doha went quite quickly thanks to it being a very long day or it may have been the sleeping pill knocked back with a Gin & Tonic – worked a treat Kathleen! The bonus was we were in the bulkhead so has plenty of leg room and the bubba near us was very well behaved.

We arrived at 6:30 am and killed time eating and face booking until the airport hotel could give a us a room at 9am. We were able to get a discounted room to check out at 5pm. This was perfect for as we also booked ourselves into the free Doha City Tour at 4pm. We had one giant king size bed and 3 pillows and we jumped in and crashed until 2:30pm. We really appreciated this horizontal sleep and the awesome shower and freshen up.


The tour began at 4pm but we needed to be at the counter at 3pm because we had to go through immigration and get a visa for the few hours we would be out seeing the sights of Doha. It’s great that small countries with high traffic of travellers can provide this opportunity. It is a great way to advertise and get people to return. 

Highlights from the tour:

Pearl trading was the major export until oil was discovered. The little wooden boats are pearl boats.

Pearl monument

The Cultural Centre:


The City

Showing some Fusion of modern and traditional designs

The locals love their falconry and this building is shaped like a Falcon’s hood.

Souq Waqif – standing market

Whatever this was it was delicious!

And we’re up up And away!

See you soon Melbourne!

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