One foot up and one foot down and that’s the way to London Town 

Saying goodbye to the wonderful country today. Still so much more to explore that we think a longer time and a camper van could be in the future.

We had breakfast at the same cafe as Harry wanted to eat an avocado and they catered to him yesterday. Also the coffee and the Gouda and marmalade toast was yummy. 

We are traveling back the way we came and everything is still beautiful. Harry continues to sleep in the back seat. Josh wanted to listen to the AFL but all of our googling and searching for a way meant we used up all the data he had left on his SIM card. We still have a 3 hour drive ahead and no google maps so lucky there is only one main road and it leads to Reykjavik. 

The Arctic Ocean

Stopped again in Borganes for hot dog number 6 for Josh and I and hot dog number 1 for Harry!

Yay he’s finally eating!

Dropped our hire car off and were taken to the airport by a young man highly amused to hear Josh drove on the wrong side today. He told us there were only 300 police in the whole of Iceland!

Airport is super busy! USA is so close and lots of flights going to lots of US cities. It’s amazing to think that after seeing so much our holiday has barely begun. Very much looking forward to the next stage.

Flying in over London at night. Feels strange to return to a city I lived in for nearly 2 years. I’m excited to see how much she has changed. 

It’s like coming from Tatooine to Coruscant! From wilderness to nothing but city!

The customs queue at Heathrow is the longest I’ve seen in my life! They are even giving out bottles of water. Harry reckons he’ll get a UK passport and I think that’s a good idea!

After a £110 cab ride which we won’t talk about, we finally arrived at our AirBnB in Whitechapel after midnight. Our poor host had been waiting for hours! 

Tired and hungry we still had to venture out for food. Luckily it was Friday night and there were ‘munchies’ places open. We got Kebabs from a dodgy place but it was food. Time for sleep, big day tomorrow!

One thought on “One foot up and one foot down and that’s the way to London Town 

  1. I got to get me to Iceland one of these day (note to self bucket list) now london oh how I love good old London Town 😍
    Tell josh doggies won by 45 points to w/coast in wa yay, and Geelong bet hawthorn on the last kick of the night (bloody lucky) now doggies play Hawks next Friday night mcg.
    Have a ball in London xx

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