“I like this place, And willingly could waste my time in it.” 

What a different view to wake to today! And so noisy!

Headed to the Borough Markets for breakfast. This place is a foodies paradise. Everywhere you look there is something good to eat. We came for the Toasties and were not disappointed.

A quick wander around Southwark Cathedral before saying goodbye to the boys who are off to Liverpool to watch a football game.

southwark cathedral was Shakespeare’s local parish

I wandered up to The George but still too early to head in for a drink so I walked to the Thames and sat and had a G&T on the river. It was a lovely gin – The Botanist. With Fevertree elderflower tonic and strawberry garnish. Double shot. Delicious!  

The George Inn last surviving galleried inn in London

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

I took the guided tour and so glad! The guide was super fun and gave me lots of ideas about making Shakespeare exciting for year 9.


A mind blowing performance of Macbeth. The actors were accompanied by the most haunting soundtrack. Singing the lines of the witches. Beautiful! After the performance the actors danced and stomped to the cheers of the audience. 

Black Friars

Spent the afternoon chatting to two locals in this very historic pub who were there to see Labour minister Owen Smith. They were an older couple: she was an ex teacher originally from America, he was a Scot. They have a sheep farm in Scotland. They had been to a political rally and are hoping Owen Smith will beat Jeremy Corbyn to be the leader of the Labour Party going into the next election. Was so fun! We chatted local and Australian politics, Vietnam War, teaching, even Game of Thrones and Outlander. They kept buying me Gin & Tonics and would not let me shout back. After saying our goodbyes I made my way home on the tube and ate at a nearby middle eastern restaurant.

Owen Smith – possible next Labour PM of Britain!

It’s going to be an early night for me. I’ll get Josh to write a guest post on how the trip to Liverpool went!

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