Psycho Bitch from Hell


Is there a support group for partners and kids of travellers who stress out? No? Well then pray for my family who copped a serious freak out this morning. It’s not a good idea to book into the hairdressers for cut and colour on the day you are traveling. Let’s just say the “for better or worse” clause was in play this morning.

The trip to the hairdresser was oddly calming. Harry had a keratin treatment to straighten his unruly hair (if only keratin were good for unruly attitudes…)

We returned once again to packing and sadly the boots had to go. It sucks that we have 30kg each but our internal flights are 20kg so we can’t take advantage of the 30kg allowance until we leave to come home. Hubby did say we could shop in Paris as it’s the last stop. I’m ok with this plan. I wonder if he knows about Chanel?

Anyway the bags are finally packed and now we are just waiting to leave. NO MORE SLEEPS! Quite literally as I am not looking forward to the next 30 hours in airplanes. Josh has promised to make me a gin and tonic so I can relax. He should have made it 8 hrs ago.

Bella knows and cried when we left 😥

And finally we are on our way!

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