Nervous Excitement!

School’s done, work’s done and school/work is done! Sorry girls but if you want me to proofread your English essay you’re too late!  Josh is glad to not have to think about work and is officially off the NBN grid. Harry has been in holiday mode since January and all he is concerned about is losing his Snapchat streaks. 😂

Today consisted of getting Harry to the doctors to get the all clear for flying. He’s been headachy and feverish the last 3 days. Thankfully the headache and fever are gone and he just has a sore throat and mouth. Good to go!

That done, Josh went for a spruce up at Uncle Rocco’s and I begun the task of trying to fit all the outfits I’ve been working on for the last few months into my suitcase (and some of Harry’s!)

I really want to take these boots that I bought online from Ted & Muffy back to their homeland so I stuffed them with socks and scarves. Utilizing a packing tip from Styling You, I stuffed my hat with my underwear and packed everything else around it. Packing cells made things really easy and organized too. 

Josh got to packing as well and alongside his stuff he is in charge of all the electronics so hopefully his case does not go astray!

 All three cases are set and just need those things you stuff in at the last minute and then don’t use or wear. 

Harry and I went and did some last minute things and as we talked we started to feel butterflies. Finally, after all of the planning and booking and researching we are at ONE MORE SLEEP!

2 thoughts on “Nervous Excitement!

  1. Hope you have a great time!! We already miss you and I’m typing this during one of the sub’s classes and she already told Millie off for eating her apple LOL

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