Day 19

October 18 – Havana to Atlanta

Our last morning was spent walking to breakfast in a small square near a church and then browsing the streets one last time on our return.

We were already packed and ready and just waiting for the taxi.

Finally! A classic car. Our last chance at this. Not the same as a convertible but classic nonetheless. With all the modern conveniences – air conditioning and video hits of girls twerking.

Havana Airport – no glitz, no fancy food, no Starbucks. Just rum and cigars and cheap souvenirs and T-shirt’s with Che plastered on them. Selling socialism. I wonder what he would think.

Once again security checked by sexy security ladies and we were in the purgatory of every airport – the departure gates however this was much worse as there was some rather sad food and no WiFi. The task of killing time with shopping and eating was instead people watching – entitled Americans thinking they are the priority here rather than the enemy, Russians loaded up with many bottles of rum, Australian kids flitting happily about (6 of them in one family).

We found a WiFi card with 12 minutes on it and were able to post a few Instagram pics. Completely forgetting that we should have used it to do a check in!


Touch down meant internet! So much to catch up on.

Atlanta AirPort was efficient and clean and I enjoyed flushing the toilet paper way too much.

Everyone was so friendly!

We rented a car, typed in Meg and Dave’s address and the navigation said 1.5 hours! That can’t be right. They live in the city not the sticks. Sure enough even though they are only 30 miles from the city, the Atlanta traffic is the worst in the US. Josh got moving and I settled in for the ride (and lots of blogging to catch up on!)

Finally we were in the most American suburb you could ever get – Halloween decorations everywhere. I was excited because I know Meg loves this time of year.

The door opened and there we were like no time had passed – all of us speaking at once about Cuba, Mexico, kids, Disney cruises. And the best home cooked chilli with all of the trimmings including biscuits. Meg’s new recipe for orange tea is one I need to share with Rosie and Sam and Bianca!

We ate dinner then sat outside with a fire and blankets – oh the bliss! We talked about Australia, our kids, our past lives at home and Liquid and theology. I loved it. All of us different yet the same.

Topped the night off with a luxurious shower and cloud soft towels. Meg is the best host.

Sweet dreams!

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