“As a city it is always compelling”

Day 3: travel to Mexico City

Early start thinking LA traffic is worst in the world – especially on the way to the airport but was a dream run!

No hassles at airport and sitting waiting at gate 135 while Sam and Steve are at gate 70 awaiting their flight to Cancun. So near and yet so far!

Entertaining airport shop!

We bought the hat but promise it’s for fun, though really we do hope America will be great again. When Cheeto is out of the office!

Flight was boring. No entertainment or food service 😩

Funny (or gross) toilet incident. I was second to go after a man and when I went to pull out some toilet paper, his used paper which had been stuffed up above the roll, fell to the floor!😱
I guess he thought the no flush paper rule applied in airplanes 🤮

I moved from my seat as josh was snoring on one side and another man on the other.i made good use of the time by deleting photos from my phone. Im up to 2015 😂

Customs queue was endless. Same everywhere you go – why not hire people! They know when planes are coming in!

Our Airbnb is another gem! It used to be a Vecindad (small rooms for a few families) in the 1920s and is now restored with a hip vibe and lots of art and vintage furniture. It’s also next door to a 24/7 funeral parlor.

According to our friendly guide whom I will tell you about soon, the funeral process goes like this: “you die, your family goes through all the paper work that dying includes, your body is released to your relatives, it is taken to a funeral house to be prepared. A room is booked for you and your family, your body is placed in it and your relatives make a guard of (most of the times) 24 hours, after this period your body is moved to a graveyard followed by a parade of relatives to be either buried or cremated. This is the most common rituals for both Catholics and Christians.”

We settled in and waited for Dad and Ling to arrive.

When they did they were high and happy on Cuba stories and loaded up with cigars.

Meeting Ana

10 years ago Liquid Church in NJ began an online church and one of the first people in the chat rooms was Ana from Mexico.

Today I finally met her and she generously came and got us and drove us into Centro Historico and showed us around, describing buildings, history and other interesting information. I could tell she had a great pride and love in her city, it’s culture and it’s food. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner beautifully prepared, served and presented. Any larvae and grasshoppers were on the menu, but gave them a miss for time being. Dad did enjoy succulent snails served with lime juice and olive oil.
We also tried traditional mezcal served with orange and chili salt, a delicious Mexican beer (Pacifica) and a sip of Ana’s custard Apple agua fresh.

House of the Blue Tile at night ( will
Head back for day time pics of the outside).

The first missionaries to Mexico City were the Franciscans. This is the oldest church, added to over the years.

Mayan dancers in the Zocalo, keeping culture alive. This is a UNESCO site as the buildings including the cathedral were built over a Mayan pyramid – Templo Mayor. The ruins were rediscovered during subway construction in the 1970s.

More wandering – Opera House. Very Parisian in style. In fact walking the streets has a very Paris feel – you turn a corner and a magnificent building appears!

The streets are being lined with metal fencing tonight because tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the Tlatelolco massacre of 1968 where are hundreds of students were murdered by the government as they protested in the square. Read more about it Here

Metropolitan Cathedral by night.

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