London Vibes

Day 3: London 

Many years ago I attended church online at Liquid NJ. I met lots of online friends and many of them I have met over the years. Today  I finally got to met Emily.  We decided to meet up at Westminster Cathedral as she had a service to attend to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of her school. That meant the church was closed to visitors and tourists so we met in the cafe. We had a coffee and a catch up and off we went. It has been lovely to meet people over the years. Social media can be used for good!

This is how Big Ben will look for the next 4 years!

Josh and I planned a Soho walk today so we headed down Whitehall to Trafalgar Square stopping at things on the way. 

Downing Street

Queen’s Horse Guard

Memorial to WW1 nurse murdered by enemy


Our route



Carnaby St

Josh wanted some cool threads for tonight’s dinner at The Fat Duck so we trawled this street and eventually bought some dapper gear at Prett Green which had Beatles inspired clothes.

My handsome hubby

We stopped for lunch at Shake shack so josh could tick this burger place off his bucket burger list. We were very restrained because of our dinner plans. The burger was delicious!

British Museum

We headed straight to the ancient collections – Assyria, Egypt and Greece.

Dinner at The Fat Duck

Camilla time!

We had to catch a train to Maidenhead and then an Uber to Bray where the restaurant is located. Our booking was for 7pm so we had some cocktails at the Hinds Head first. So delicious! Friendly staff and gorgeous decor.

Then it was time to walk down to dinner.  The Fat Duck deserves it’s own special blog post!

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