Glaciers, coastline, mountains, lakes, fjords and snow!

Day 3: Höfn to Mývatn

Awoken at 4:30am by fire alarm and quickly got warm clothes on and headed outside. Waited ages for someone to come and he turned it off and we went back to bed. So weird to be fumbling about in dark half asleep and not sure if a false alarm. Plenty of folks went back to their rooms before the guy gave all clear!

We did get a sleep in until 7:45 and woke to this spectacular view:

Josh suddenly got the same pains he had 6 weeks ago and we ended up in the hospital at Höfn. I had to do the driving which was quite the drama with josh moaning in passenger seat and me freaking out in the drivers seat. Eventually the pains died down and the doctor assured us it was nothing acute. In fact he must have felt 100% as insisted on driving 🤣

We journeyed on through the East fjords stopping occasionally in fishing villages. Today is a big day of driving with few stops.

Dvúpivogur fishing town: Toilet stop and Eggin sculpture.

Some shots of our drive east.

Some drone action

Stop in Breiddalsvik for a hotdog and coffee.

We have snow!

Our hotel is still under construction in parts so of course we drove in the muddy truck driveway past windows with people hurriedly covering themselves with towels 😂

Fosshotel – a bit like an IKEA store but gorgeous rooms and extremely good pillows.

View of Mryvatn (Lake of the Midges)

Dinner was Daddis pizza considered Iceland’s best and cost us $80 for 2 pizzas and a can of drink each 😱 Food is so expensive. You wonder why we eat so many hotdogs 😂

The most expensive pizza in the world

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