Two for one margaritas make it easy to meet new people

Day 13

October 12

Technically, our first day alone so what did we do? Headed up to Playa Pescadores to snorkel on the reef which is the exact location of where Rosie and Scotty are staying! Sure enough we couldn’t not say Hi! But first, snorkeling.

Our hotel concierge turned us away from going to Akumel to see turtles – disruptive and too many people. Instead he recommended heading up to the public beach where the boats are allowed to come to shore and catching one out to the reef to snorkel. He could not guarantee turtles but still thought it was the better option.

We grabbed the first boat to tout our business and we were on the water headed for a view of the Tulum ruins from the ocean.

The first thing we saw when we got our gear in and jumped into the sea, was a sting ray. Only Aussies will recognize the feeling of dread upon seeing one so close. If a sting ray doesn’t bring to mind our animal warrior and hero Steve Irwin, then you are not a true Aussie.

A little swim further on and a school of yellow striped fish 🐠 were swimming about us! Of course we forgot the go pro so I had to google local fish to figure out what we were seeing.

Mostly these guys but others as well.

And three more sting rays. No turtles but was great fun.

We chose a sun bed under a palm tree and settled in for the day.

I ordered a fresh snapper and had it cooked specifically. Was so good!

Then a hungry kitty cake to share my scraps.

Rosie and Scotty came for a visit before their massages and then we popped into their villa afterwards to say a final goodbye!

We headed out to dinner and thought we would have a few quick margaritas in happy hour at our fav taco place before eating but we got pleasantly distracted by the reggae band and some friendly American honeymooners- Erica and Wade from San Francisco. By the time we left for Casa Jaguar for dinner I was a little too merry. And I’m ashamed to say the magnificent ribs I ate didn’t even have time to digest 🤣

Before shot. There is no after.

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