Finally 50!

9 October

After nearly a year in the planning, it was finally the day!

I started by giving my girl friends a little momento (a Camilla lolly bag 🤣) and a handwritten nite telling them what they mean to me.

The boys had left early to play golf so we headed into town to find breakfast and maybe a massage on the beach. The cab driver recommended Ziggy’s and we were not disappointed.

Breakfast was fun and delicious and our waiter joined in the festivities by recommending a bottle of tequila rather than individual shots, to save money of course! We totally got on board with that.

The great thing about this place was if you spend over $30usd you get a cabana on the beach so we decided we’d just stay here all day.

Meanwhile, the boys were getting all hot and sweaty on the golf course.

We swam a lot, drank margaritas and ate guacamole. Rosie and Sam even managed a massage. The perfect day!

Then it was time to head to Villa Verde and get ready for the fiesta! We had a beautiful sunny day but was very high humidity so all the hair plans went out the window! Make up was sliding off our faces as soon as we left the air conditioned bedrooms for the open plan area! It was even worse when the chef arrived to cook the traditional BBQ.

The decorations arrived while we were out and were not exactly set up as planned so I quickly went to work setting the table up.



Then suddenly the party started! The flower crowns arrived (one short 😩) and the photographer started taking pics. The cooks were cooking and the bartender was whizzing up margaritas and pina coladas.

Then the mariachi band arrived!

Dinner was delicious!

And the party continued!

We ended the night sitting with our feet in the pool, getting presents and sharing impromptu speeches – even Josh! No one was drunk (I think we sweated out all of the alcohol!) so no need for these:

It was a perfect day, dinner and party. I’m so glad to know and be known by these people!

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