Coming Together

Day 7: Mexico City – Tulum

Happy Birthday Josh!

Im not the only one having a birthday on this trip.

Today is partly a travel day as well as the arrival of Faith flying in from New Jersey and Paula from LA.

The alarm woke us at 6am to discover that the power was out so that meant packing in the dark and showering in the cold water.

Three Uber’s and we were on our way to the airport!

Uneventful flight apart from Rosie scaring the teenage boy sitting next to her you then disappeared.

At Cancun airport we were greeted by a driver from the villa as well as the one I booked 😱 oops

We went with the one I booked and he seems like lots of fun!

While we headed to our villa, Rosie and Scotty volunteered to wait in Cancun for Paula to arrive. They had quite the day pretending to be staying at the Westin!


We got out of the van and felt the humidity immediately. As Sol, our concierge briefed us all we could think of was jumping in the pool! Steve didn’t even wait until she had left.

As soon as she was gone we were all in the pool, eating the guacamole and drinking the beers I had asked to be there on arrival.

Then the rain set in. I’m sorry my birthday is in hurricane season.

The house is absolutely stunning and the very definition of open plan living.

It feels a bit surreal to finally be here after all the planning.

After our swim we were starving and that was another adventure trying to order a pizza. We ended up using What’s App to ask the concierge to order! Sure enough they came and were totally delicious weird, with soy sauce, ketchup, hot sauce and Parmesan added.

Josh and Steve took the bikes to get more beer because a dozen was not really an adequate prestock for Aussies!

Paula finally landed and ended up getting in the car with the wrong driver – NOT PEDRO, JUAN! She got out of that mini van and found Juan and then headed to Rosie and Scotty who were waiting in Starbucks on the highway.

Waiting for the gang to get together!

And finally we are all here!

Taquería la Eufemia

Dinner for Josh’s Birthday! Cheap tacos and beers and cocktails and the bonus of a live band!

The dancing was out of this world!

Happy Birthday Josh!

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