May the road rise up to meet you..

Last day of pilgrimage and first day of Iceland!

Kildare Ministries Pilgrimage to Ireland 2017

5 October 2017

The morning of the great repacking! Pretty sure everyone was up early trying to fit their luggage in or redistributing weight!

Although there is one more stop on the itinerary today and a farewell liturgy, I had to say my goodbyes this morning as I booked the only flight out of Dublin to Reykjavik. Last minute selfies, beautiful thank you’s, hugs, travel blessings and plans to catch up before the year is out. Then I waved off the bus as Michael expertly backed out of Emmaus for one last time. I raised Gabrielle’s Croagh Patrick stick, blessed them and they were gone.

Alone. After so long with others it feels very strange. I’m writing this while on my flight to Reykjavik and I swear I can hear Caroline’s voice behind me somewhere. I look around and everyone is a stranger.

That was the thing about this trip:…

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