“A primeval music sings in the winds”

Kildare Ministries Pilgrimage to Ireland 2017

Day 4

Inis Mor

We took the ferry across the sea to Inis Mór – the largest of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay in Ireland and has an area of 31 km2. Inis Mór has a population of about 840, making it the largest of the Aran Islands in terms of population and largest island off the Irish coast with no bridge or causeway to the mainland. The island is famous for its strong Irish culture, loyalty to the Irish language, and a wealth of Pre-Christian and Christian ancient sites including Dún Aonghasa, described as “the most magnificent barbaric monument in Europe”.

Our guide today was Dara Molov, Celtic priest with a wonderful spiritual journey that resonated with us in many different ways. He regards the Aran Islands as the Reservoir of Irish heritage and knowledge

Inis Mor is a Monastic island full of Churches, holy wells, beehives, 9…

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