The Pilgrim ‘Road’

Historically I’m pretty sure pilgrimages have been uncomfortable journeys, not just spiritually but physically. Being away from home comforts, traveling unknown roads, cramped quarters with strangers and living out of a bag – nothing much has changed except we began our journey 40 000 feet in the air!

14 hours flying overnight is not the best start to a spiritual experience. Add on another 7.5 plus stopover time, no sleep and crappy airline food and all of a sudden “What Would Jesus Do?” is a pretty challenging question. Coffee certainly helped. So it should at $7 a cup!

The seemingly endless flying did end (7 or 8 movies I reckon!) and I caught up with some fellow pilgrims who were on the same flight. We grabbed a cab and headed for the Emmaus Centre where we were warmly welcomed and then quickly retreated to our rooms to freshen up and get a few hours sleep in a horizontal position.

Tonight we walked or taxied to a nearby pub for dinner. We got to know each other better, ate delicious food and had a well earned Guiness!

The fun fact of the night is that here you can have your curry ‘half and half’ meaning with rice AND chips. Well why not!

Looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow. Time for the sleep of the totally exhausted. Lucky it’s not twin share šŸ˜‚

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