“Making new things familiar and familiar things new.”

Saturday 8 October 2016

A very relaxed start to the day! We didn’t head out until after 10am.

Breakfast was a bit hit and miss! We thought we were getting a croissant but was a piece of bread. Delicious bread though!

Of course Harry wanted his own thing and ordered a strawberry and Nutella crepe.

Then it was time to battle the Metro and figure out how to get to out meeting spot. A lovely customer service guy came to our rescue and helped us choose the best ticket. A 3 day visitor travel pass was the winner €77 so I’m certain josh will make us use it even when we are exhausted! They still use paper tickets yang are so small and easy to lose.

Photography walk 

I had been following Saul Agulier for a long time on Instagram and when I saw he offered photo walks (and shoots) in Paris, I booked him for Josh straight away. He was gracious enough to let Harry and I tag along too and even gave us iPhone tips. We spent 1pm to 8pm with him! Such a long day but lots to see and he took us to places not often used by tourists, like the Institut du Monde Arabe.

Notre Dame

I was nearly robbed of my purse very aggressively by three women, one who was trying to distract me by a waving a survey in my face and asking if I speak English. They surrounded me as I was trying to take a picture of the rose windows of the Gothic Cathedral. I pushed them away but I could feel one of them had her hand on my bag. I continued to push through and Saul told them to go away in some very strong French. Onto the next not so lucky tourist 😡.  My purse was safe luckily for Saul as his fee was in it.

Saul took us all over Paris. Here are the highlights: La Concorde, Jardin de Tuileries, Louvre, La Seine river, Pont des arts, Pont Neuf, Notre dame, Pont de la tornelle, IMA terrace, and Eiffel Tower area.

For my book loving friends:

And just because:

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