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Day 16: Waterford to Dublin

Waterford Crystal:

First tour off the rank for the Waterford Crystal factory. It was actually quite fascinating seeing the process and hearing about the way apprentice cutters are tested. In the 1950’s, apprentices shadowed masters to learn cutting, drawing and engraving. Apprenticeships lasted 5 years. Sample bowls were fashioned after the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. The final piece, the Apprentice Bowl, contained all the possible cuts used in wedge cutting. 

The Apprentice Bowl

The Millenium champagne flutes

I realized I have 4 of the 5 champagne flutes. I need the wheat sheaf ones. Now I’m going to have to trawl eBay!





The People’s choice award
Memorial to Father Judge 9/11

Examples from the showroom/shop:

I may gave bought this piece

Our guide told us that 95% cut of the pieces are by hand and if that’s actually true, I can understand the prices.

More information here because did you know they are now owned by Fiskars who also own Royal Doulton and Wedgewood and other luxury companies. Waterford Crystal


We stopped for lunch and a hurling demonstration. Hurling, You ask? Yes hurling. Not the vomiting kind but the hockey/lacrosse/Aussie rules/violent kind.

We meet our demonstrator and walked to Lanigans Bar which is decked out in memorabilia to the game including last seasons trophy.

The game is actually very skillful and I can see why they are so passionate about it. He told us that kids start when 4yrs old and he described trying to coach them as like trying to teach chickens.

After our lesson, we explored Kilkenny and are lunch in a local pub. We are quite over abbeys, churches and castles but here are a few more!

The Black Abbey (Dominican Friars)

St Mary’s Cathedral

(the Irish are a bit in love with Mary. Nearly every Catholic church is dedicated to her and there are little shrines all over the place).

Kilkenny Castle:

It seemed like every school kid was out at lunch and allowed to be in the city centre. It was funny to see girls out of uniform and pushing boundaries with their skirts rolled up and wearing black socks! They all think they are so individual. Little do they know that school girls are doing it all over the world!

We drove though County Kildare on our way to Dublin. I’m still tossing up whether it’s feasible to pop out there in our free time to see Brigid’s Well.

After checking into our hotel (this time without nude pictures watching Harry!) we headed for a drink at The Ferryman bar at the end of the street. Bono is said to drink here but no sign of him this afternoon.

Walk along the river. 

Dinner was in Temple Bar that we discovered is not a bar but a district of Dublin. 

It is an area on the south bank of the River Liffey in central Dublin. Unlike other parts of Dublin’s city centre, it is promoted as Dublin’s cultural quarter and has a lively nightlife that is popular with tourists. Read all about it Here.

Night Walk along the River Liffey and I got my nails done. Harry managed to set off the safety switch in the salon and cut the electricity because he was bored and fiddly.

Today was a bad day in terms of ‘getting along’ with teenagers. But that’s another blog…

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