Air wishing it were water ☀️

October 10 Day 11: Recovery Day

The humidity was so high today that whenever we moved we would break out in a sweat. We didn’t stray far from the pool but eventually our stomachs demanded we get out and head into town.

We decided to try the famed passion fruit mojitos from Batey Bar. The gimmick is that they press the sugarcane from a VW Bug and use the juice in the mojitos.

They were pretty delicious! Faith tried the cactus flower one and Josh had a chilli one. We spent a great deal of time deciphering the Spanish menu before ordering!

Faithneeded to go to a very specific shop that was three streets away. Well we just about died. Sweat was dripping from head to toe and Josh spent the whole time in the store standing in front of the air conditioner!

Then we had to walk back!

As soon as we walked in the door we were in the pool and not moving until our stomachs once again suggested we eat.

meanwhile we were getting updates from Andrew and Ling who looked very relaxed after a Mayan Clay massage.

Ziggys was our choice for dinner as we had had such a great and cheap breakfast there. It’s a whole other story at night with over $20 cocktails!

It was another delicious meal. The cheese bread was heavenly. A few of us had chocolate soufflé for dessert but I chose the corn bread with vanilla ice cream. 😍

We topped the night off with a swim and then hit the sack. Exhausted from the humidity! (It was 31 but felt like 41!)

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